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Some inspections require a little more attention. For those, we have add-ons.


Items that aren't traditional inspections but help our clients make the best decision. 

Country Style Home

Garage / Outbuilding


This includes any building detached from the main house.

Additional Kitchen


Many houses include a live-in basement or exterior kitchen.


After we perform an inspection, there are often items that need to be fixed before they can be approved.

In cases like this, we offer discounted re-inspections of specific items. As well as bundles for times where multiple items need to be reviewed. 

First 4 items


Each additional item


WDIR (Termite Inspection)

WDIR stands for Wood Destroying Insect Report. Put simply, this is a termite inspection.

Add to inspection


Historical Fee

The fees will be applied to the standard inspection price.

Click here to learn more about Historical inspections

50 years to 100 years


100 years or older


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